Total Party Kill : Final Treatment Test!

Experimenting with weather effects and adding grey tone volumetrics. What do you guys think? I'm really excited to see this final art treatment coming to life!



My comic book Patreon is live!

Murder Hobos will be a dark fantasy comic book steeped in monster killing and loot pillaging... but at high cost to our heroes! Join Kord, Magere and Molo as they traverse the demon city of Fleischbahn and come face to face with villains both inside and out...


Total Party Kill Patreon Coming Soon!

Tomorrow I plan to launch my new Patreon project! It will be a dark fantasy comic called Total Party Kill! This comic will mix animation styled cartoon art with a dark (and sometimes comedic) mythos. The term comes from a player trope in D&D, where characters tend to shoot first and ask questions later... all in the pursuit of sweet loot! This Patreon project will put backers right in the process of making a comic book. The community will get opportunities to vote on character and cover designs and gain art advice and tutorials from me as I create my next comic publication! Oh, and anyone who backs gets a free digital copy as well, with your name in the credits. So keep an eye out tomorrow and I hope you can come on this new creative adventure with me!


Cartoon Character Concepts

Little Legends character concept art for ongoing personal project.